Going after the Hip Hop entrepreneur

Posted: May 30, 2008 in success

Biz Magazine Targets Hip-Hop Entrepreneurs; ‘Mass Appeal’ Folds


The publisher of a popular but now defunct hip-hop magazine, the Hip Hop Hit List, plans to launch a pair of business rags targeting the genre’s entrepreneurial community.

The Hip Hop Business Journal, launched this month, is geared toward what publisher Vincent Carroll calls a “largely untapped demographic – one with $500 to $600 billion in spending power,” according to Folio.

The second, Video Star magazine, is in the planning stages.

Carroll is spending about $2.5 million on the launch.

The Hip Hop Business Journal has an initial circulation of 150,000 and is published every two months. (more…)

I guess the only thing I am wondering here is whether or not “Hip-Hop” now means ‘young and Black’. If so, that is a sweeping generalization considering the fact that Hip Hop is only a music-based subculture birthed out of the Black community.

I say that because the spending power number they reference is currently the spending power of all Black America. That’s kinda like saying ‘Goth’ Business Journal where like Hip Hop, Goth is subculture largely influenced by the music it produces.


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