Developing a producer mindset

Posted: May 23, 2008 in Education, HBCU

Entrepreneurs create new jobs for North Carolina

Elizabeth City State University

Move over Steve Jobs and Warren Buffett – the young entrepreneurs from Elizabeth City State University are coming.

A new concentration within ECSU’s Walter R. Davis School of Business and Economics is grooming students to become the next generation of business leaders owning their own companies. Dr. Freda H. McBride, dean of the business school, said the new focus will prepare students to identify the needs within a community and then create a business to fill those demands. The goal, too, is to stop the brain drain within ECSU’s 21-county service area of northeastern North Carolina, while creating employment options for ESCU students and building communities.

“What we’re finding is that our top graduates are leaving the area,” said Dr. McBride. “They have no choice because there’s nothing here for them. Consequently, the area can’t improve if the best and brightest leave,” she continued. “We feel the only way to keep them is to teach them how to create their own jobs.” (more…)

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