At least someone was honest

Posted: May 16, 2008 in Commentary, Politics

Here at, I make no attempt to hide my conservative leanings when it comes to politics. Why should I? I’m not going to try to cloak this fact by referring to myself as a “new school”, “ol’ school” or “hip-hop” Conservative or better yet–a plain Independent. This is just as bad as Liberals who are now resurrecting the word “Progressive” as their latest moniker. To me, that is a very cheap and silly way of trying to avoid the fact that you are a person with an opinion that may differ from who you perceive is the majority.

This morning I read about Sen. John McCain is reaching out to Liberals bloggers by opening up his weekly conference call to bloggers to include Liberals.

“In answering the first question on the call, Mr. McCain said his likely Democratic opponent, Sen. Barack Obama, lacks the judgment to be commander in chief, which set him up for a bruising from the readers at, a liberal-leaning site that joined in the call.

Blogger Greg Sargent said it amounted to “what may be [Mr. McCain’s] most direct attack yet on Barack Obama’s national security credentials.” But commenters were split: Some took aim at Mr. McCain, some said they were thankful for the intelligence on “what the enemy is planning,” and others lashed out at Mr. Sargent, saying he should have been harsher in evaluating Mr. McCain’s attack.”

Now check out what is said next by someone who is unafraid to be honest for a change.

This IS a Democratic blog, and as such, it would seem to me that there SHOULD be SOME bias with regards to how YOU report of McCain’s craziness, as opposed to treating his ranting and attacks with a sort of dignity they and he DO NOT deserve,” wrote one emphasis-abundant reader. (more…)

“Fair and Balanced” is relative in politics. So the next time someone wishes to lecture me on not being “Fair”, keep this in mind. Capiche?

  1. Wizz says:

    That cuts both ways… Don’t claim, as you have to me several times, to be just as critical of conservatives as you are of liberals. Because it clearly is not true. And I will respect that you are finally admitting that.

  2. Duane says:


    I NEVER claimed that I was just as critical with Liberals as with Conservatives. Yes I have been critical of Conservatives, but not on the same level as I have been with Liberals. That is a fact that has been clear on this site from jump and something I never tried to “hide”. Find me someone who is perfectly straight down the middle and I will sell you a small tropical island somewhere in the Pacific.

    You on the other hand….awwww skip it! 😉

  3. MIB says:

    There are times when honesty should take a back seat to tact. Sargent wouldn’t be doing himself or his readers much justice by ripping opponents, because they’ll likely respond by not granting him interviews in the future.

    My main gripe with you hasn’t been about bias, but getting your facts correct. Biases are natural. However, they’re not a justification for misinformation or disinformation.

    To illustrate, there is a difference between a liberal and a progressive. Progressives are a subset of (generic) liberalism; all liberals aren’t progressives. Neoliberals, anarcho-socialists, and civil libertarians are among the other subsets of liberalism.

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