Help wanted (NEEDED): A man in his life

Posted: May 15, 2008 in Just "Why?", Mentoring, Our children, The Brothas

Woman Says Joyriding Grandson, 7, Beat Her Up

Boy Taken For Mental Evaluation After Incident

LAKE PARK, Fla. — A 7-year-old boy who took his grandmother’s car on a joyride last month has been taken for a mental health evaluation after he allegedly beat her up inside a South Florida Wal-Mart, WPBF News 25 reported.

Latarian Milton told WPBF on April 28 that he took his grandmother’s Dodge Durango on a joyride because he was mad at his mother and because he enjoyed doing “bad things.”

“I wanted to do it because it’s fun. It’s fun to do bad things,” Milton said. “I wanted to do hood-rat stuff for my friend.”


Milton’s grandmother, Vikkita Stratford, told WPBF that the 7-year-old took his mischievous activities to a new level Monday when she said he beat her up inside a Lake Park Wal-Mart.

According to Stratford, the problem began when Milton asked his grandmother for some chicken wings. When she refused, Milton walked over over to the counter and ordered them anyway.

Stratford said that when she confronted him about it, Milton just snapped.

“He just started hitting me — just started hitting me in front of the whole Wal-Mart. Every one in there was upset,” Stratford said.

Stratford told WPBF that Milton hit her stomach, legs and “wherever he could reach me.”

Riviera Beach police picked up Milton from his home and took him to an area hospital for a mental health evaluation Monday afternoon, WPBF reported. The 7-year-old can be held for up to 72 hours while he is evaluated by mental health officials.

Stratford said that she believes Milton’s problems are due to a bad atmosphere with his parents.

“I know what causes the behavior, cause all he’s ever seen was his parents do physical and abusive and verbal things, and I don’t want him to continue in this direction so I’m doing the best I can to get him the help,” she told WPBF. (more…)

  1. symphony says:

    As a single mother I’m lucky…or maybe just smart and aware of my responsibility…but my son is a pretty well-behaved nine year old and its because I put my foot down early…like at 1 or 2.

    The things that I didn’t think would be cute at 10 weren’t cute at 4. I have a cousin whose son has called her by her first name, he wears his clothes baggy, has jewelry and can sing the latest songs. You know more than likely he’s going to be a problem.

    She laughs at most of his antics but then when others are around tries to discipline him and gets mad. She sends mixed signals and she’s the reason he is a handful.

    Id never say a boy doesn’t need a father (or man) in his life but if this kid had a mother who was around things might not be as bad. A lot of these kids not only don’t have a father, but that don’t have mothers either (even if she is in the home).

  2. Sepialove says:

    Having seen the original “joyriding” video on CNN, I winced when I heard this latest update. This little boy has been traumatized in ways we may never know. The grandmother alluded to this in her latest interview, but he really needs boundaries, structure and love.

    I only hope and pray that he gets the help he needs and the male role modeling he so richly deserves.


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