I am already laughing (and I haven’t seen it yet)

Posted: May 8, 2008 in Funny stuff

Both Ben Stiller and Jack Black are crazy ANYWAY. Putting them together with Downey’s roll is going to be a trip. Here is an excerpt from a review on the movie-

“While I see no problem with this, I guess the studio is expecting some major controversy and has even screened the movie for all African-American audiences to see their reactions (which were very positive), but honestly, if anyone gets upset over that in a zany satirical comedy, they really need to take a step back to look at themselves, reflect, then jump off a bridge.” (more…)

Favorite line from the previews comes from Downey’s character: “What do you mean ‘Your people’?” (Brandon T. Jackson’s character ‘Alpa Chino’) “What do YOU mean ‘Your people’?”

  1. VB says:

    You’re right ! Jack Black and Ben Stiller are crazy no make that INSANE! So I am sure that the movie will be hilarious.

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