An addendum to yesterday’s post

Posted: May 7, 2008 in Economy

Since writing a bulk of the post on the Black hair care and beauty industry back in 2006, BOBSA (Black Owned Beauty Supply Association) has made some additions to its services for those interested in entering this field. I am posting the following because I am still getting e-mails/comments from folks looking for advice on how to get into the business.

Beauty Supply Store Consulting Services

BOBSA’s mission is to assist entrepreneurs in their goal of owning and operating Black Owned Beauty Supply Stores Nationally and Internationally.

Through experience and partnerships with many of the nations leading experts in the hair care and cosmetic industries, inventory control systems, commercial real estate and brick and mortar store operations management, BOBSA is in a position to offer you ‘insider’ level information that provides for a greater opportunity of business success.

Whether you are opening a new brick and mortar beauty supply store, or need help with your existing store front, we provide consulting services from industry professionals who are committed to your entrepreneurial venture.

Our Business Offerings Include:

Business Plan Services

Retune or develop a solid business plan leveraging the experience of industry financial professionals

Contract Review Services

Before you sign on the dotted line, ensure that you are making a sound business decision based on industry standards or your specific business needs.

Inventory Services

Gain an understanding of how the right product mix can be the key to your business success.

Inventory Control Services

Manage your inventory through one of the many Point of Sale Solutions available to you.

Product Merchandising Services

Understanding product placement is just as important as purchasing the right product. Placement helps decide if a product ‘sits’ on the shelf or in your customer’s hands.

Marketing Services

BOBSA Brand Licensing

Carving out a name for your business in such a crowded market can be difficult. Obtaining a license to use the BOBSA brand has immediate recognition nationally and internationally.

Private Label Product Development Services

When it’s time to take that great product idea and make it a reality, our experience in Private Label Product Development Services could make the different between a rewarding experience and financial headache.

[Read the rest by clicking here]


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