Posted: May 7, 2008 in World

That is the number of casualties that are being estimated in Burma due to Cyclone Nargis hitting that country over the weekend. With all the election stuff going on, I want to make sure that I keep some perspective on the goings on around the world. 80, 000 people dying is pretty major.

Burma death toll ‘likely to hit 80,000’

By ABC correspondent Peter Lloyd and wires

An aid official in Burma says the death toll from Cyclone Nargis may be 80,000 or more.

Kyi Minn is health adviser for World Vision in Burma and he says that on top of the 22,000 the military regime has admitted have died, there are another 60,000 missing – presumed dead.

ABC correspondent Peter Lloyd reports there are also indications that the massive aid effort is being hampered by a lack of organisation and infrastructure in Burma to distribute the urgently needed supplies. (more…)

  1. onix says:


    u bet the myanmar dont let the usia army in despite the wining over the obstacles for aid. Clearly it could be channeled and accounted through russia though. If you want the tip and if you think your usian engagement is any help anyhwere. Pls get ur thing straight first and vote obama okay? then we talk. You bet there is a hinderfull interference of you and your trustworthy allies, and the myanmari have reason to fear, after all without the boykot their citizens ahd had the electricity to receive the radiomessages the government send out.

    It’s a big shit anyway. alJ already announced a 100k

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