Who will help groom this girl into a woman (4/20/08)

Posted: April 20, 2008 in Mentoring, Sistahs

Meet Vantayshia a very creative child. Vantayshia loves music and loves to dance. Her favorite music to dance to is Rap or R&B. However, Vantayshia says that she loves all music..”except for Country.” In addition to her love of dance and music,Vantayshia expresses her creativity through drawing and coloring.

Vantayshia hobbies are to collect posters and stuffed toys (teddy bears). Vantayshia likes to be the boss. The previous school season she played the clarinet and was in the school band.

Vantayshia loves animals,especially snakes. When discussing the type of family she would like to live with,Vantayshia first stated that they must have pets. The most important thing that Vantayshia would like which has not changed over time, is a family to love her……a family to have fun with. Vantayshia needs a family who can give her a great deal of love,attention and stability. She needs to know that she is valuable and important to the family. (source)


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