The funniest thing about the protest against the olympic torch in SanFran is…

Posted: April 9, 2008 in Uncategorized

…that I am willing to bet that a majority of the crowd is wearing clothing tagged with the words…

All while the city wastes thousands (if not millions) for beefed up security.

Smart. Very Smart.

  1. asha vere says:

    Heh. I said something not unlike this earlier today.

    The kind of protest they’re engaging in is so…empty. They might actually have to give up something and feel some pain if they really wanted to, you know, do something.

  2. Give it a rest! says:

    “…that I am willing to bet that a majority of the crowd is wearing clothing tagged with the words…”

    But did they actively seek out clothes made in China because they desired to wear Chinese Clothes? Or did they go down to the local Walmart or Target and purchsed to least expensive shirt they could buy to find that the label stated that it was manufactured in China?

    In fairness and honesty the majority of these folks that are protesting simple pruchase clothes based on the brand name or style. A blue shirt marketed under the name “brand x” purchased today might be made in China and the exact same looking shirt purchased tomorrow might have been made in Mexico.

    So are their protest NOT valid? Does the fact that they might be wearing a shirt or pair of pants that was assembled in China absolve the Chinese government of their “WAYS”?

    The way I see it this the right time for the right protest. China wants to host the Olympics but forgot to wipes it A$$ first. They run a rather brutal shop over there and now some folks are trying to make them answer for it on the world stage. IMO they need to be applauded.

    “To bring up the fact that their clothes might have been made in China misses the point. THEY DO KNOW THAT AND THAT IS ONE OF THE REASONS THEY ARE PROTESTING. It is the conditions under which said clothes are being made that is in question.

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