Breastfeeding our Black men

Posted: March 27, 2008 in Uncategorized

Schumer addresses high unemployment rate among African American males

Peter Iglinski

ROCHESTER, NY (2008-03-26) US Senator Charles Schumer says the high unemployment rate among African American men must be a national imperative.

Schumer addressed the issue before a group of government and community leaders at the Strong Museum of Play Wednesday morning. He said, in Rochester alone, the unemployment rate among black men is just over 23%. That compares to six%for white men.

Schumer says the unemployment rate doesn’t give the complete picture. Schumer the high jobless rate leads to other problems, such as crime, alienation, intolerance and violence.

Schumer will be coming up with a number of proposals to address the problem. They’ll include legislation to create job training programs that focus on the “soft skills”, such as how to dress on the job and how to behave in the workplace. Also, Schumer would like to expand the Earned Income Tax Credit to include more men. He says that would provide a greater employment incentive for black males. (more…)


When we have reached the point where legislation needs to be created to teach our Black men how to dress and behave in the workplace, or creating an incentive to stay committed to a job, we have truly reached a new low. And yet, to many this is viewed as “help”.


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