You may see “White”, but they are seeing “Green”

Posted: March 26, 2008 in Uncategorized

Black Women Giving Birth to White Babies on the Rise

London, United Kingdom – The number of Black women who are giving birth to White babies, has been on the rise with the increasing number of infertile couples choosing cross racial surrogacy across Europe, a new study reveals.

The study shows that Nigerians and Ghanaians women leading among the middle aged African-Caribbean women willing to use their body to make money while helping desperate infertile white couples, in which the majority of whom have failed trying to have children through IVF.

The practice sees the fertilized egg from the commissioning couples being implanted into the surrogate, who then carries the child for nine months.

And when the babies are born, they are handed over to their real parents.

One fertility expert at the London Fertility Clinic revealed that: “many women were willing to use black surrogates because there was a lesser chance of the host becoming attached to a child of a different color”. (more…)

I hear the linkages to house mammies back during the slave era here in the US coming over the horizon.

  1. hmmm. maybe they are 21st century mammies. I didn’t think of it that way at first. food for thought.

  2. Give it a rest! says:

    They are getting paid to do this, right?

    They are doing this of there own free will, right?

    Black-Americans need to understand that the majority of black people throughout the world have a much different veiw of the world than most American born black-people.

    Black-folks need to get their passports and begin to explore the world outside of the everyday vacation spots. Not every white person thinks of you as “Niggas” and the majority of blacks outside of the US do not have that inferiority complex that we find where. It is a much different world out there. Those Africans at best have about a 1/4 of the wealth that the average black person who claims to be poor in America has yet they do manage to make more out of what they have than most dudes and chicks over here.

    Yeap, I bet some of those African-Caribbean surrogates will soon be delivering poor black babies in Urban America very soon.

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