Hilltop halted

Posted: March 24, 2008 in Uncategorized

Howard’s Student Newspaper Halts Publication

By Shauntel Lowe

Black College Wire

Howard University administrators have halted publication of the university’s student newspaper, the editor in chief and the university spokesman told Black College Wire this week.

Drew Costley, a Howard senior and The Hilltop’s top editor for the 2007-08 academic year, said the action was taken because of more than $48,000 in outstanding printing costs. He also said $20,000 is missing from the paper’s account. Costley was reached in New Orleans where he was participating in alternative spring break to help Hurricane Katrina victims.

Costley said administrators “went against protocol” and independently decided to stop publication of The Hilltop indefinitely after it was revealed that the newspaper owed its printer, The Washington Times, $48,000 for printing during the fall semester. The Hilltop is the nation’s only HBCU student newspaper that is published daily.

Costley said the decision to stop publication resulted from an “illegal vote” taken without a quorum at a March 6 meeting of the policy board that governs the paper. (more…)

Does this also mean that the online version will be halted as well since a printing press is not needed in that case?


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