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Posted: March 21, 2008 in Uncategorized

Diary Of A Madly Hot Black Man


March 20, 2008 — YOU’D think a 6-foot-5 man in a dress wouldn’t have any trouble drawing attention to himself, but Tyler Perry doesn’t see it that way.

Even though his projects have earned millions – including those starring his most popular character, the argumentative, Southern-fried grandmother Madea – Perry says he still feels overlooked by “mainstream” media.

His latest movie, “Meet the Browns,” opens tomorrow, and it’s loaded with the Perry trademarks: melodrama softened by broad comedy, a strong female lead, a sprawling cast and an uplifting message. Angela Bassett stars as a struggling single mother who discovers family she never knew she had at her father’s Georgia funeral.

“Yeah, I do feel overlooked, but it’s OK,” says Perry. (more…)

What I hope Perry realizes is that Hollyweird knows that while clean films or family-friendly films oftentimes make the most money, the preference is to favor films in their own press coverage that do not fall in that genre.

Now I am aware that none of his films are G-rated, this following report does include films that are family-friendly. Check it out.

G-rated movies power

2007 box office, again

Family films fare 438% better

than R-rated in latest study

More than 20 years of data is in – and the conventional wisdom is wrong.

The chances a Hollywood movie will win big at the box office are greatly enhanced by a family-friendly rating and strong moral content, defying the notion the entertainment industry is merely serving up what consumers want when they produce so many R-rated movies full of foul language, sex, drugs and immorality, shows a new study by the Christian Film and Television Commission, publishers of Movieguide.

According to the study, G-rated movies averaged nearly $92.2 million, more than 438 percent better than R-rated movies, making only $17.1 million.

“Our annual report to Hollywood shows once again, with relevant financial statistics, that people, including most moviegoers, want good to conquer evil, truth to triumph over falsehood, justice to prevail over injustice and beauty to overcome ugliness,” explains Ted Baehr, the president of the group. “They also want to take their whole family to the movies more often (assuming, of course, that ticket prices, concession prices and gasoline prices don’t get too high or prohibitive). And they want to see their religious faith respected and celebrated.”

Last year, seven films with a G or PG rating earned more than $100 million at the domestic box office, and three PG-rated films (“Shrek the Third,” $322 million; “National Treasure: Book of Secrets,” $216 million; and “Alvin and the Chipmunks,” $213 million) were among the year’s top 10 earners.

Only one R-rated film made the top 10, and it was No. 10, “300,” with earnings of $210 million. (more…)

In the meantime, I hope his latest movie is just as good as the other ones. (I still have not seen “Why Did I Get Married”).


I just received the following link from ReelzChannel.com.

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