One jacked-up family

Posted: March 19, 2008 in Uncategorized

I heard about these guys in a news report last week. This week the story is popping up again with the plot getting wierder.

Twin: Mom served as a lookout in rooftop break-ins


Philadelphia Daily News

Twins Keyontyli and Taleon Goffney kept it in the family. As actors in Internet gay porn, they often shared the screen, and a bed, in some of their more popular films.

The twins’ collaboration continued when they allegedly began breaking into area businesses by cutting rooftop holes to gain entry, police said.

In their moonlighting endeavor they were joined by an unlikely third member of the Goffney clan – their mother – who served as a lookout, according to court testimony.

A preliminary hearing was held yesterday for Keyontyli, 25, after which his case was bound over for trial.

“You ever get so nervous that it feels like someone splashed water on you and you lost your breath? That’s how I felt in court,” Keyontyli said in a phone interview after the hearing. (more…)

  1. Olivia says:

    Totally disgusting.

  2. VB says:

    The mother needs to be “whupped” and the twins…well…they need help.


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