Unity is relative

Posted: March 18, 2008 in Uncategorized

I decided to slow things down a little bit as far as posting goes today because honestly, just about everything on my news feeds was about the Obama speech. I’ve already said my piece on it yesterday and am wanting to move on a bit.

Anyway, today I had one of those rare occasions where I watch The O’Reilly Factor. There was a woman on there by the name of Jehmu Greene. She currently works in the Hillary Clinton campaign and has been involved in political activism for years. She mentioned on the show about some of the threats she has received for supporting Clinton, so I went to her blog and saw the following:

“I hope your community and your black friends treat you like you deserve to be treated after creating that fear in white people minds for a few pieces of gold, shame on you, you’re just a sell out”

“Black on black crime in the political arena…you are living proof that Africans hate African Americans…go back to Africa”

“This to me is like an awful treason to your own race!”

“Lock your door and watch your back”

“You may try to wash it off but you always going to be black no matter how hard you try to deny it by working against your people”

Now either this was written by a White person, or some pretending to be one. Regardless, I find it funny that SOME Whites across the net all of a sudden feel this empowerment to call out other Blacks for not voting a certain way. This may be new to Jehmu, but Black conservatives have been getting it for years from both White and Black liberal Democrats. And let’s not get it twisted, some Black conservatives out there are just as guilty with the name-calling, so pick your kool-aide.

Eat it for lunch and move on, Jehmu.


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