Elnora D. Daniel steps down as CSU’s President

Posted: January 31, 2008 in Uncategorized

After a decade of marked leadership, Daniel to leave CSU

by Wendell Hutson


Since 1998 Elnora D. Daniel has been president of Chicago State University. But Wednesday, Daniel announced that she will retire following a one-year sabbatical which begins June 30.

“CSU in 2008 stands prepared to compete and define the nature and quality of urban education on the national landscape within, yet well beyond, the South Side, city of Chicago and the State of Illinois,” said Daniel. Most recently CSU had three consecutive years of balanced budgets under her leadership following four previous years of deficits.

Additionally, the university increased federal funding from $17 million in 1998 to $23 million in 2001 and secured funds for five new buildings. The new buildings include a $35 million library; a $32 million 7,000-seat convention center; a new $5 million conference center; a $5 million child care center; and a $5 million financial outreach center. (more…)

Being able to turn a budget around in of itself is a great accomplishment. Good for her and the school!

  1. Scott Stabler says:

    Lets get real. Daniel resigned for fraud.

    …not even when I’m called out for spending taxpayer money on drinks at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, or taking my family members out for Caribbean cruises.

    In the South Side of Chicago, we have the case of Chicago State University president Elnora Daniel and her extraordinary penchant for spending public money on cruise vacations for herself and family members. An audit called Daniel out for this and other questionable spending practices, and just this past Friday, she responded by not quite apologizing, and declaring that she will never resign from her job.

    What candor from a public sector employee; and what lack of genuine remorse, too. Daniel blamed her unauthorized spending habits on the fact that women carry around different purses, and sometimes they don’t have all of their credit cards with them. No matter that she charged a $250 exercise machine on a school credit card, listing it as a home “supply” on the receipt.

    The poor dear even played the “my-family’s-far-away” card in this Chicago Tribune article:

    Daniel defended using public funds for five family members to accompany her on a business trip once a year, saying it’s difficult to find time to see her family because they live on the East Coast. In August 2006, Daniel and her family spent nine days on a Caribbean cruise, as Daniel attended a leadership conference, at a cost of more than $15,000.

    Daniel’s employment package allows her to spend up to $10,000 on family members for trips, which is beyond generous in my opinion.

  2. TIFFANY says:

    You are obviously working for someone ….

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