My junk drawer post

Posted: December 1, 2007 in Uncategorized

Every household has one. A junk drawer is a place where you will find your car keys, last month’s cable bill and a band-aide all in the same place. Today is a full day for me, so I am going to put a whole bunch of things in one post and I’ll check y’all sometime tomorrow.

Leonard Pitts Jr. gets a bit poetic in his latest piece about the death of Sean Taylor.

Once I took the time to actually read this next story, I sorta wished I would have commented on it earlier this week. Long story short, 4 Black police officers feel discriminated against because the force will not allow them to wear beards–not for religious reasons, but because of “skin condition primarily affecting black men”. Someone please recommend Magic for these bruthas and tell them to stop playing the race weak card.

Japan says “buh-bye” to New Orleans.

The only Evel I miss. Man, what boy in the 70’s did not want to jump like this cat?

It’s all about the kids (just not yo’ kids): LA teacher’s unions demand and get $18 million to keep teachers on staff that are no longer needed due to declining enrollment (i.e. an increase in student drop outs). I will keep this in mind the next time I see another teacher union-sponsored commercial whining about kids with outdated textbooks. Brewer was hired primarily because of his race (Black) and the fact he had a strong military background that could instrumental in bringing some order in LAUSD. It is unfortunate they are punking him down.

#I have postponed “Person of the week” for this week due to the fact that I waited too long to get it up within a reasonable time (Friday morning/early afternoon). Next week voting will be back.

#The other day I received an e-mail from a PR firm in D.C. asking me to act as an *cough* unpaid *cough* and un-hooked-up (work with me, I know that is not a word) extension of it services for a certain client by feeding readers stories that reflect its efforts to promote diversity within its corporation. I have written about this company before and continue to have an overall positive view of them. I guess the problem I have with this is that this site is a reflection of stories “I” find interesting at the moment. Posting other folks commentaries is one thing, but doing subtle PR work intentionally and on the regular for anybody is something I’m having a hard time accepting here. I wake up, read the news, post and comment on what interests me and apparently interests thousands of you on a daily basis–and that is how I would like to keep it.

Here is a picture I took in Las Vegas last week while visiting relatives. My goal was to spend a good part of the night taking pics of the strip, but did not have the time this go around. Also, I just did a photoshoot of the neighbor’s kids to be used as headshots (as they are trying to break into the biz). They came out great!

Photographer I am feeling now: time.will.tell.again

Christmas decorations tip #4: “Don’t insult your kids by telling them that Santa is going to come down a fake fireplace while telling them on Christmas eve night it sounds like he is coming down the chimney. Now you know you ought to be ashamed of yourself!”

CC: My aunt Roe in Philly.

  1. DarkStar says:

    When I was with some HMO, a doctor I selected was a reservist. He saw the razor bumps I had, even using Magic Shave, and commented that he was in a battle with “upper brass” to get exceptions for some Black men in his wing to so they don’t have to shave as close as required. He also told me a couple of Jewish people have the same condition.

    After I graduated from college, I worked for the government. There were active military members in my group, one a Black military man who shaved, but not closely. Another woman in our group gave him a hard time about it and he asked her to search for a skin condition commonly called “razor bumps” by Blacks and if she got the correct medical name for it, he would tell her why he didn’t have to shave closely. She looked it up and he told her of the condition and how it affects him and then produced his waiver, which he has to keep with him at all times for when the upper brass stops him about his facial hair. He can’t use Magic Shave, even the mild version, because of what it did to his skin.

    I stopped using Magic Shave years ago because of damage done to my skin. A dermatologist said it was better to suffer the razor bumps than continue using it, and I used the mildest they offered.

  2. Duane says:

    I, too used to have a terrible problem with razor bumps from my teen years into my early 20’s. I used Magic and hated it because of the burning sensation on my skin and the smell. However, it wasn’t until I stopped using a razor and started using clippers did I notice a difference. While I may not be able to get skin tight close, I am able close enough while still giving the appearance of a very close shave.

    When I did security for just over 2 years, we were also required to shave like the guys in the article. They were pretty strict with this policy and I never got in trouble for it.

    Part of the problem is the fact that our skin grows in a spiral pattern unlike our White bruthas. When cut too close (as with a razor), oftentimes the hair follicle will create a bump in an attempt to grow outside the skin. Unless these bruthas are trying to wear a bush up under their necks, using clippers should give them a close enough shave to allow their gas masks to seal properly without producing bumps. I think that there is more to this story.

    I have serious doubts that they are the only Black men out there who are in a position that requires wearing a gas masks and have not figured out a way to deal with razor bumps.

  3. Wizz says:

    There is an excellent product that stops razor bumps. I try to tell as many people as I can about it. Everyone I tell about it agrees that it works amazingly. You have to try Black Opal shaving products. I used to get razor bumps pretty bad in college and tried everything. The only thing that worked for me was Black Opal.

    I think they have 4 products:

    Black Opal Pre-shave wash

    Black Opal Shaving Gel

    Black Opal After Shave Lotion

    Black Opal Razor Bump repair

    If you have them real bad I would recommend you use all four until they clear up. I currently only use the after shave. Every once in a while I use the Repair lotion. I shave with a razor every couple days with no problems at all now. It works pretty fast too.. I’m talking within a few days. And you will notice that your skin feels different (soft and smooth) immediately.

    I used to get it at Walgreens and the grocery store but they both stopped selling it for some reason. Now I get it online ( I cannot stress enough how good this stuff is and it is not expensive. Try it out and pass on the info.

  4. DarkStar says:

    They stopped selling Black Opel in my area. The razor bump repair *WORKED*.

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