I did not know that this was so widespread

Posted: November 7, 2006 in ACORN, Uncategorized

Okay, just one post 🙂

From WSJ:

“So, less than a week before the midterm elections, four workers from Acorn, the liberal activist group that has registered millions of voters, have been indicted by a federal grand jury for submitting false voter registration forms to the Kansas City, Missouri, election board. But hey, who needs voter ID laws?

We wish this were an aberration, but allegations of fraud have tainted Acorn voter drives across the country. Acorn workers have been convicted in Wisconsin and Colorado, and investigations are still under way in Ohio, Tennessee and Pennsylvania.

The good news for anyone who cares about voter integrity is that the Justice Department finally seems poised to connect these dots instead of dismissing such revelations as the work of a few yahoos. After the federal indictments were handed up in Kansas City this week, the U.S. Attorney’s office said in a statement that “This national investigation is very much ongoing.”

Let’s hope so. Acorn officials bill themselves as nonpartisan community organizers merely interested in giving a voice to minorities and the poor. In reality, Acorn is a union-backed, multimillion-dollar outfit that uses intimidation and other tactics to push for higher minimum wage mandates and to trash Wal-Mart and other non-union companies.” (more…)

When I referenced the ACVR study while pointing to this post on the KC situation over at AlterNet, I was immediately dismissed as a liar and someone who was out for money. Yet at the same time I am being told to raise pure hell about Diebold. To me, wrong is wrong PERIOD!! What I am looking for in the Diebold situation is hard evidence that shows that this company fixed machines to steal votes. Until I see that, I will continue to point out the PROVEN wrong right in front of us.

Something that most Liberals are not willing to do in this case.

  1. BH says:

    I think that that you misunderstand the Diebold situation. The machines are NOT secure. That is what has been proven. Given that, and the fact that most of the machines can not be independently audited, there is no way to determine if the machine has been tampered width, once it has been done.

    It is a shame that people STILL think that Diebold is trying to steal an election. That is allegation from two years ago. It is amazing it still persists.

  2. Duane says:

    No, I don’t think I am missunderstanding all the folks out there that are taking what you are saying (which you and I can both agree)and drawing the conclusion that there is a definitive plot to steal the election by Bush’s “buddies” (this is the crowd that I was refering to in this post). There are many websites out there that have been floating this out there for some time now.

  3. SpikeZee says:

    I’ve enjoyed your site. I will have to make it a point to check your spot out more often. Keep representing for sho.


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